Below is an overview of the some of the services and solutions Management Initiatives Inc. offers our clients.   We bring to the table over 30 years of experience working in a wide variety of industries including biotech, internet software, retail, and the manufacturing of everything from food to furnaces.
  • Leadership support - as a member of your Advisory Board or Board of Directors, or as a consultant, we can help management and owners find solutions for the challenges and opportunities they face today.  Our principals are experienced senior business leaders who have dealt with the challenges of growing a corporation and meeting a payroll.

  • Financial expertise - negotiating with the lenders, restructuring financings, identification of savings opportunities - we can bring our experience in a wide variety of industries to help you improve your terms and your bottom line.  Our track record includes renegotiating bank lines, bank loans, term loans, credit fees etc.

  • Education and training tailored to your needs.  We have developed training modules for corporate boards and corporate directors, have partners who have taught financial accounting at a strong Canadian university.  Why spend the time at an all day seminar when we can come to your location to work with your management for a session customized to your organization.  This works particularly well with corporate boards when our sessions are held at the same time as your board meeting when everyone is usually together.

  • Capital support - we have worked with many companies raising capital both in the private and public markets, with corporations and angel investors.  If you need funds to grow, we can help you source the capital and help you negotiate better terms.

  • Filling the management gap - often you need the ongoing expertise, but not on a full time basis.  We provide that support for management as an ongoing resource.  There are so many benefits to maintaining a long term relationship with someone who knows your business and continues to help you grow.

  • International growth - we believe developing your international markets through partnerships and new customers is a key to growth and success for all companies.  We have the knowledge to guide you through the process of developing new international markets.