Financing for Growth

One of the greatest challenges for a new technology company is sourcing the most effective financing for growth.  Over the past few decades we have helped many companies obtain the best forms of financing needed to grow their businesses, expand into new markets, and sometimes to buy out existing management shareholders not interested in growth.  
Each situation is unique.  Our years of experience make it easier to identify the best financing and governance structure for the company and the future plans of the business.  
The financing differences may be dependent on the goals of the shareholders - whether they want to grow,  stay private, or sell to a private operation, or alternatively  take the company public.  Different goals often lead to more unique forms of financing and often it is the development of a  more creative and flexible financing package that attracts the investors and lenders.  Most growing companies go through several rounds of financing - and having an experienced negotiator on your team who understands the needs of all the parties around the table can make the difference between a successful financing and one that falls apart or does not leave the flexibility needed for the next round of funding.  We also recognize the need to tailor the financing of private ventures to the owners - some owners know best where they want to take the business and as strong leaders may want less advice - others as strong leaders realize that to grow or change the business they want and need investors and support that can help the company grow.  We have worked with all types of leaders and are able to develop the financing package that works best for them.